What does LOVE mean to you? ♥

by Fran on May 25, 2011

I decided that I wanted to hear about what OTHERS thought about Love! I was curious about their answers and I wanted to interact with my friends and fans to get a sense of their perceptions.

Whether we realize it or not, whether we choose to accept and embrace it or not, the channel of communicating through the language of Love exists within us all.

So I asked them: What does LOVE mean to you?

  • Love means giving of yourself without thinking. (Yoli Fae)
  • Love means to care, have compassion for, and to give love and gratitude to those you care about! (Dave Hobley)
  • A lack of uncertainty. Stability. Consistency. Being in someone’s heart and keeping that person/thing in mine. (Lauren Huston)
  • A wonderful form of expression between two beings :-) (Meghann Lorean Conter)
  • Love = God ♥ (George Ira Carroll)
  • Love is the answer. (Christina Haftman)
  • Following your purpose and loving yourself first! ..for me, that means following my career/passion.. then everything else follows: a great place to live, friends and eventually finding that life love partner :) (Irene Yuan)
  • My next breath! To me it means life giving sharing hoping extending putting u before my wants. I live to love which in return allows me to love to live. Love u all. Xoxo (Wendy Nemer Coleman)
  • Love means making a child laugh, respecting the innocence in their eyes and fighting on their behalf, to keep them safe from bullies, from hunger, from sickness…doing what you can. It means being polite and courteous and going out of your way to do good deeds for people, holding the door, helping someone carry their groceries, shopping for someone that’s housebound. It means giving of yourself, whenever and wherever it’s needed. You give the love…it’s returned 100 fold. It means giving your smiles away freely and generously. That’s what it means to me. (Wendy Boissevain)
  • Love is treating others the way we want to be treated, kindness and respect!! (Kelly Rose Catherine Brown-Mahoney)
  • I think the most powerful thing about LOVE is when it’s given unconditionally. It’s not expecting anything in return. In fact… it sneaks around the back of the almighty EGO and delivers it’s mighty gift! (John Gracey)

Hearing what my friends and people in my social networks had to say about Love was very interesting. 1 word can have so many definitions and ALL of them are right, in this case! I am so glad that people took an interest in this subject and were willing to share their thoughts with me.

If you have not thought about it yet or if you did not answer the question about Love that I posted on Facebook and Twitter, you can still answer it now. What is “Love” to YOU?

  • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=1132571257 Dave Hobley

    Love to me is truly caring for people, being passionate about helping others and being willing to keep an open mind when it comes to approaching discussion on things you do not immediately agree with in addition showing grattitude to others, regardless of whether or not you know them. This to me is truly how to spread the love!

  • http://franspiration.com/ Francisca Giannini

    That is soooo BEAUTIFUL, my Adorable Dave!!! Thank you sooo much for sharing this with me and for commented on my status last week!!! :o )
    All my Love and Gratitude to you always!

  • Leah :)!

    Love is … The master key that opens the gate of happiness <3

  • http://franspiration.com/ Francisca Giannini



    Love to me is an entity
    that encompasses everything in a successful long lasting relationship. That is:
    intendancy, respect, trust, friendship, and passion.  Love is a verb and it means thinking of
    someone before yourself, it means sharing your time and attention with someone
    and if love is to flourish that means ego and fear have to take a walk because
    ego and love cannot coexist.- Raul Soto Jr (usmcsingles.com)

  • http://franspiration.com/ Francisca Giannini

    Thanks soooo much for your amazing comment!!

  • suzie floress

    love mite be nuthing to others but love to mi is an amazing thing that can happen to anyone if u belive and love is alwayz going to be there if u love ur couple the way its supposed to be 

  • http://franspiration.com/ Francisca Giannini


  • Purplejsm3921

    Funny thing I told one special friend. That friends love each other too. He said Love means sex. Boy this blew my mind away. So had to see what others said too.

  • http://franspiration.com/ Francisca Giannini

    Thanks for your opinion, my dear 

  • Diamond

    love to me is when every time you look at someone/something you just cant stand to smile or you get that feeling in your tummy when there is butterflys in there.also if you think about him/her/something all the time and day dreaming and wanted or dreaming about them

  • http://franspiration.com/ Francisca Giannini

    :o ))

  • Kconverse1313

    love is where the only thing that matters to you is that one person, and you cant see your life without them, and you cant last a day without them. love is the most beautiful, most preicous thing ever! but also the most painful..<3 especially to experience it at age 13.
    trust mr i know its love, dont tell my different……
    its like i have a thousand butterflies in my tummy that wont go away unless i kiss him or hug him or tell him i love him. and when i tell him that i know its true, it feels right when i say it.
    i cant see my life without him, and all i want is him.
    when u find love hold onto it, and treasure it.

  • http://franspiration.com/ Francisca Giannini

    Awwwwwwwwwwww!!!! That is breathtakingly beautiful!!! :) Thank you sooo much for sharing!

  • Shahidurrahman1

    tora chudi

  • Shakil911k

    tore pondai

  • Michelle

    Apart from an overused
    word, to me, love is the sacrifices you are willing to make for another person,
    the time and effort you’re willing to put forth to make a certain someone
    happy. The longing to be with someone for all the time in the world, a feeling
    of being important to someone who sees you even more important in their life.
    It’s the constant source of pleasure and pain. You’re constantly thinking about
    them, so much it’s a problem. They came into your life for a reason, and that
    reason must be a pretty good one for causing you to feel all of this. It’s the
    fact that the person chose to take all of you and your imperfections on, and
    suddenly it’s alright. It is a short word, easy to spell, difficult to define,
    impossible to live without. My understanding of love is a little cliché but
    experiencing it first hand, is a greater explanation of the true definition

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